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Frist, Saudi Electricity Company has a rich history and deep strives for human resource practice effectiveness. Care for its employees is even emphasized in the company mission as follows; “We are committed to provide our customers with safe and reliable electric services, meeting the expectations of our shareholders, caring about our employees, and ensuring optimum utilization of available resources.”


Saudi Electricity Company
Saudi Electricity Company


Saudi Electricity Company Careers

Employee Housing Loans :

second The Company adopted a program of awarding housing loans to Saudi employees through local banks according to legal regulations; standards have been developed to fairly determine the priority benefit of the program.

Saudi Electricity Company was established by Ministerial Resolution endorsed by the Royal Decree and announced by the decision of Minister of Commerce. It is one of the biggest and financially most successful electrical companies in Saudi Arabia. Part of its powerful position stems from competent workforce. The company is confident that its employees are able to take responsibility and perform jobs assigned to them well. Moreover, company always seeds to gain the trust of its employees by raising their morale, promoting better human relations and effective communications among the administrative and technical levels (Saudi Electricity Company)



Saving System(Saudi Electricity Company)

Then The aim of the savings system is to encourage Saudi employees to continue in service while the Company allocates contribution versus the amount shared by the employee per month.

This contribution is equivalent to hundred of the value of the employee’s monthly subscription in his account. The employee gets the Company’s contribution upon retirement or the end of the service,

according to the period of participation:

the employee has the right to determine the amount deducted from his monthly savings on condition it does not to exceed  of his basic salary at the time of joining the plan.


Automatic linkage with the Company’s Contracted Medical Provider :

The automated linkage project has been applied with the Company’s medical contractor.

Saudi Electricity Company reserves the right to provide, whenever necessary, some excluded services based on the actual costs to be incurred by employee. However, as a recipient of health care, an employee bears responsibilities as well. Every employee needs to report on his medical case to the company’s clinic or to its designated medical facility


Adjustment of Staff Salary and Allowances of Field Workers :

Finally, The Company is taking the necessary action to implement the requirements of the decision of the Board of Directors to adjust the allowances of field workers,

which amounts to (20%) of the base monthly salary for Saudi/non-Saudi, according to the specific conditions of the decision.


Saudi Electricity Company
Saudi Electricity Company


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