Startup ecosystem in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Thriving Startup Ecosystem: Profiles of Successful Startups

Over the past few years, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a new hub for startups in the Middle East. The country has taken strategic steps to create a favorable environment for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses. In this article, we will highlight the growth of the startup ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and profile some successful startups that have made their mark.

A conducive environment for startups in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has launched several initiatives to support and promote entrepreneurship in the country. Moreover the Ministry of Investment launched an initiative called “Venture Capitalist” that aims to attract foreign investors to invest in Saudi-based startups. Additionally, the introduction of laws such as bankruptcy laws and regulations for crowdfunding platforms have further encouraged entrepreneurs to take risks and pursue their ideas.

Successful Startups from Saudi Arabia

Here are profiles of some successful startups from Saudi Arabia:

1) Noon Academy(Saudi Arabia)

First, Noon Academy is an online education platform founded by Mohammed Aldhalaan in 2013. It offers free access to educational videos and content on a range of topics including mathematics, science, and language learning. Today, it boasts over 3 million registered users across the Middle East and North Africa region.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

2) Sary

Second, Sary is an online marketplace that connects small businesses with suppliers of grocery items. Founded by Khalid Alsiari in 2018, it aims to simplify the process of procuring supplies for small businesses such as restaurants and cafes. In just three years, it has raised $30 million in funding.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

3) Nana

Third, Nana is a last-mile delivery app founded by Sami Alhelwah in 2016. It allows users to order products from nearby stores and have them delivered within two hours. In less than five years since its launch, it has expanded its operations across eight cities in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia


Above all ,Saudi Arabia’s startup ecosystem is on an upward trajectory, and the success stories of startups such as Noon Academy, Sary, and Nana are evidence of this growth. Also, with support from the government and investors, we can expect to see more innovative ideas being transformed into successful businesses in the years to come.

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