Saudi Arabia Camels

origin of Saudi Arabia Camels

Saudi Arabia Camels The suppliers have mostly been from Australia and Africa. Firstly  Saudis traditionally import camels from North Africa.

but a combination of disease, drought and political instability has made Australia a better supplier over the years.

There are a large number of camels in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia equal about 36,947,025.

Camels are among the most equally important animals in Saudi Arabia since ancient times, due to the presence of many deserts, and it’s ability to withstand high temperature.

The camels of Saudi Arabia are mainly dromedaries, the one-humped camels.

Saudi Arabia Camels
Saudi Arabia Camels


The value of Saudi Arabia Camels for him

Since centuries they were the preferred mode of transporting goods and people across the harsh desert landscape of the Arabian Peninsula. Their milk and their meat have long been used to sustain locals here. “To us, camels are considered a historical symbol,” Madi says.

known as a ship of the desert, the camels are the most important and used animal in the Arab as most of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia consists of desert, from nomads to the people living in the cities.

But the Camels are the part of everyday life to every one  and Arab history.


The History of Camel Riding in Saudi

The ancient camel caravan routes that came up through southwestern Saudi heading to Makkah and Medina moved tremendous amounts of goods and people. And to this day, camels are integral to Arabian families, who use the animals to transport their children and homes during their yearly migrations.

Saudi Arabia Camels
Saudi Arabia Camels

Where to See Camels in Saudi

You won’t see camels in the cities, but you will see them if you’re driving down the smaller highways,  It’s one of those moments you always remember. Finally They instantly remind you that you’re in Arabia. If you go on a trek here, you can hire a camel to take you. But more commonly, families will own them, along with goats and sheep, and use them for a variety of purposes.

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