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Marketing to Saudis: Navigating Cultural Nuances in Saudi Arabia

As international companies continue to expand their reach into new markets, it’s crucial that they take cultural differences into account when crafting their marketing strategies. This is especially true when it comes to marketing to Saudi Arabia, where cultural norms and values can differ significantly from those in other parts of the world.

Saudi Arabia Culture

One key aspect of marketing successfully in Saudi Arabia is understanding the importance of relationships. In Saudi culture, building trust and personal connections is essential before any business can take place. Brands should focus on building relationships with potential customers and partners over time, rather than attempting to rush into a sale.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia


Another nuance to keep in mind is the importance of religion. Islam is the predominant religion in Saudi Arabia, and as such, there are certain restrictions on what types of content can be used in marketing materials. For example, images of uncovered women or alcohol-related products may be considered offensive or inappropriate.


Language is also an important consideration when marketing to Saudis. While many people in Saudi Arabia speak English fluently, using Arabic language in your messaging can help build rapport and resonate more deeply with your target audience.


To further explore the cultural nuances that international brands should be aware of when marketing to Saudis, it’s important to highlight the role of family and tradition. Family is highly valued in Saudi culture, and many decisions are made collectively rather than by individuals. As such, emphasizing family values and the importance of community can be a powerful way to connect with target audiences.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Tradition in Saudi Arabia

Tradition is also an important part of Saudi culture, and brands that can incorporate traditional elements into their marketing messaging may find it easier to resonate with local consumers. This can include everything from incorporating traditional clothing styles into advertisements to highlighting local customs and festivals in social media campaigns.


Another cultural nuance worth considering is the concept of “wasta,” or personal connections that can help facilitate business deals or other opportunities. Building strong relationships with local partners and influencers can be essential for success in Saudi Arabia, as these connections can often open doors that might otherwise be closed.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Finally, it’s important for international brands marketing to Saudis to understand the importance of discretion and privacy. In a conservative society like Saudi Arabia, people tend to value their privacy and may be hesitant to share personal information or engage in overly public activities. Brands that respect these boundaries and focus on building trust with their audience are more likely to succeed than those who push too hard or come across as overly aggressive.

In conclusion,

while marketing to Saudis presents some unique challenges for international brands, there are also many opportunities for those who take the time to understand local culture and values. By focusing on building relationships, respecting tradition​s​​​​​​​​​​​, leveraging personal connections​ through wasta​, prioritizing privacy​ considerations​​​​​​​, and staying attuned​ ​​to ​changes ​​in ​​local ​​trends ​and preferences​ over time​ , international brands can establish a strong presence in this exciting market.

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