Health Care In KSA

About Health Care In KSA

Since the modern state of Saudi Arabia was first founded by King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, May Allah rests his soul in peace, About Health Care In KSA and disease control were among the government’s top priorities.

The guidance of the founding King of Saudi Arabia allowed the new government to overcome the many obstacles and challenges in the early days of the nation, despite a lack of native resources and expertise. the King also focused on building a solid infrastructure for a comprehensive health sector that would serve all regions of the Kingdom.

Health Care In KSA
Health Care In KSA


Health Care In KSA Services.

The Kingdom facilitated access to healthcare services, raising the percentage of specialized consultations provided within 4 weeks from 38% to 84% and increasing the percentage of urban and rural communities with access to basic healthcare services in their locations from 78% in 2016 to 85.7% in 2020.



People with Disabilities Healthcare

Health Care In KSA
Health Care In KSA

The state guarantees citizens all their rights regardless of their circumstances, so it undertakes to protect the rights of persons with disabilities and strive for the well-being and decent living for them and their families. Therefore, it has established Disability Code, supported Social Security Law, and encouraged institutions and individuals to contribute to charitable work for them.


Health care during Hajj

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides free and integrated health services to pilgrims during Hajj and various seasons through a network of hospitals and health centers that have been established for this purpose, in addition to hospitals and centers operating throughout the year. The Ministry also provides a range of different treatment services as well as minor and critical surgeries, inpatient services, and pharmacological vaccines for pilgrims and Umrah performers.


Healthcare During the COIVD-19

The Ministry of Health has achieved many achievements, including the launch of many electronic applications and the development of additional services to enhance the efficiency and quality of health services during the period of COIVD-19.

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