Food In Saudi Arabia

The Best Saudi Dishes(Food In Saudi Arabia)

The traditional Saudi cuisine includes delectable dishes(Food In Saudi Arabia) prepared using meat, rice, lamb, vegetables, and dates!

Meat and rice is a common favorite of locals in Saudi and hence most of their local dishes include these two ingredients. If you are someone who loves biryani, Saudi surely has better options for you.

Dive into the rich and authentic taste that this country has to offer. As you can never explore a place thoroughly without diving straight into the flavors of the cuisines they offer!

Listing down the famous dishes of Saudi, that are a must-try for every traveler.


Kabsa (Food In Saudi Arabia)

Considered as the national dish of Saudi, Kabsa is a rice dish made with meat and vegetables. The chefs of Saudi make extensive use of dried fruits and nuts in most of their preparations,

Kabsa is no exception to this rule! We suggest you grab a spoon and take a deep dive into the mounds of this flavourful rice cuisine!


Matazeez (Food In Saudi Arabia)

It is a traditional Saudi dish where flat dumplings are cooked and served in rich stew meat, vegetables, and spices. This amalgamation of flavorful textures is a favorite amongst Saudi’s and is easily available in most parts of the country.

Here’s your chance to explore the traditional flat dumpling of a culture unexplored!


Madfoon (Food In Saudi Arabia)

It includes extensive cooking techniques that may vary from place to place, where a combination of meat, rice, and spices are cooked underground.

There is a mild taste and smooth texture that the rice and meat get from hours of cooking underneath. Madfoon is a comfort food for a lot of Saudi households,

where the family members grew up with the recipes that were passed down from generations



Often served as a side dish to complement the main of lamb and vegetables, Qursan is a delicious dish saturated with gravy. It includes thin layers of fresh bread dipped in the gravy.

It’s another filling comfort food in the domestic households of Saudi. The rich flavors of this preparation puts this on our list of must-try-dishes!



One of the oldest recipes in the world, these ancient cookies are winning hearts all around Saudi. These date-filled cookies taste super fresh and they quite literally, first crumble and then melt in your mouth!

Often served with tea/coffee in Saudi households, Maamoul is low in sugar but known for its robust taste. So make sure you get your hands on these!


Food In Saudi Arabia
Food In Saudi Arabia



It is made from ground wheat served with chicken, onion and crushed rice. This traditional dish is popular throughout the Middle East, particularly in Saudi.

While most of the cuisines mentioned on this list are rich in rice and meat, Jarish is the one for those looking for foods rich in Vitamin B!



Commonly regarded as the national dish of the Hejaz region, saleeg is a white-rice dish, cooked with buttermilk and broth. It is a famous Saudi dish that will never let you down!

It is prepared with simple ingredients in no time and hence is absolutely popular in Saudi households.


Mofatah Al-Dajaj

It is another chicken and rice dish of traditional Saudi cuisine. It includes chicken pieces sauteed and cooked in spices, served over a bed of aromatic basmati rice. While you may start wondering,

how can one country have so many rice dishes? Well, the Saudi recipes are rich in diverse spices, combinations of which are spread across different rice cuisines that they offer.

Each is unique in terms of flavors and invites a completely different palatable experience!



Taking a break from the rice dishes, let’s conclude with the ultimate Saudi street food – Mutabbaq! It is a fried and stuffed pancake that is a famous street food item.

There are a variety of fillings options for you to pick from – meats, eggs, garlic, ghee, onion, and peppers.

The flat bread dough is more like roti and requires an expert hand for its perfect shape. Grab one while scouting through the souqs of breathtaking Saudi!


Burj Al Hamam, Riyadh

It is a traditional Lebanese restaurant that celebrates the authenticity of home cooking. Established in 1979, Burj Al Hamam has become one of the most popular restaurants in Riyadh.


Food In Saudi Arabia
Food In Saudi Arabia


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