Doctors In Saudi Arabia

Jobs For Doctors In Saudi Arabia

Firstly, Doctors In Saudi Arabia, There are great opportunities for doctors to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The diversity of career and lifestyle opportunities available range from large tertiary hospitals in the major capital and regional cities, to smaller hospitals in regional locations, providing exposure to a wide spectrum of clinical and social experiences.

The government of Saudi Arabia has given high priority to the development of health care services at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary.

As a consequence, the health of the Saudi population has greatly improved in recent decades. The Ministry of Health operates 62% of the hospitals and 53% of the clinics and centers; the remaining facilities are operated by government agencies, including the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard, the Ministry of the Interior, and several other ministries, as well as by private entities.

Is Saudi Arabia good for doctors

The breakdown of facilities is as follows:

1) Ministry of Health Facilities

These serve the general public and are located in both the large cities and the small towns throughout Saudi Arabia.

2) Military Hospitals

These serve members of the Saudi Arabia armed forces and members of their families, according to the branch of the military in which the individual serves.


Doctors In Saudi Arabia
Doctors In Saudi Arabia



Despite aspiring to be a modern country in many respects, Saudi Arabia still has one of the most traditional societies in the world. Life in Saudi Arabia is governed by firm religious beliefs, rules and traditions, and expats living in Saudi Arabia have to get used to that as there is no way around it.

The traditions and attitudes of Saudi Arabia have been shaped by Islam as well as Bedouin culture. Thus, expats living in Saudi Arabia will discover that family bonds are still much stronger than in many other cultures, to an extent that they permeate all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia, even in the business world.

If you are an expat considering living and working in Saudi Arabia, it is strongly suggested that you do considerable research to familiarise yourself with the local lifestyle and customs.

You can view the latest jobs available for doctors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Global Medical Careers below.

Doctors In Saudi Arabia
Doctors In Saudi Arabia

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